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View Thomas Perry Bread making with my father 3/18/2010 As a young girl, I often had boundless energy and a stubborn determination. My father channeledbmy energy into making bread.
View Nicole Beurkens A Journey Through Infant Development: The Sixth Month 11/20/2008 Do you know what’s happening in the mind of a 6 month old? You can tell a lot by an infant’s expressions and actions. If you’re concerned that your 6 month old isn’t developing at a normal pace, here are some signs to watch for.
View Henley Obedience 5/24/2008 The children are expected to obey their parents. Suppose they choose to be disobedient, what will be the result? It will lead to the break up of society. The child will do whatever he likes. He will perhaps mix in bad society and will do every kind of mischief both to himself and to society.
View Ned Wicker Addiction Crosses Generations 6/28/2008 It was supposed to be a fun day at the beach for Carlos and his family, with swimming, sand castles and maybe an ice cream cone. Everybody was there that day. His mom and dad and three older sisters were with him and they were all looking forward to a day of play, not a day for near death.
View Gregory Baby Playthings 7/3/2008 Nowadays, all parents want their children to be the cleverest ones around. They spend huge sums of money on electronic toys and games that are supposed to make their kids very clever.
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