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View Henley Obedience 5/24/2008 The children are expected to obey their parents. Suppose they choose to be disobedient, what will be the result? It will lead to the break up of society. The child will do whatever he likes. He will perhaps mix in bad society and will do every kind of mischief both to himself and to society.
View Sarah McDermott Showing Your Baby how to Crawl May Teach Them How To Do It 6/17/2008 This Memorial Day weekend was a great week. We had a parade which I took my beautiful baby girl to see. We weren’t there that long because we woke up a bit late but she did see some of it. Along with that her uncle was with her and he was teaching her how to crawl. She didn’t exactly get it because she kept falling down and couldn’t get the coordination of it but that didn’t last too long. He would crawl around her very slowly and show her exactly how to do it. Then he would try and get her to do it.
View Ned Wicker Addiction Crosses Generations 6/28/2008 It was supposed to be a fun day at the beach for Carlos and his family, with swimming, sand castles and maybe an ice cream cone. Everybody was there that day. His mom and dad and three older sisters were with him and they were all looking forward to a day of play, not a day for near death.
View Gregory Baby Playthings 7/3/2008 Nowadays, all parents want their children to be the cleverest ones around. They spend huge sums of money on electronic toys and games that are supposed to make their kids very clever.
View Anita Burnett DES, Cancer and Me 9/6/2008 What was said to be a harmless drug that would help with Nausea during pregnancy, near killed me. I was not pregnant but my mother was. The year was 1958 and a popular drug at the time was called DES. Diethylstilbestrol (DES) is a synthetic hormone also known as Stilboestrol.
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