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View Catherine Olian Kidnapped or saved? How some orphans really feel when they're adopted 7/10/2010 Not all newly adopted children feel grateful when they are whisked from impoverished orphanages overseas and find themselves surrounded by American affluence. Many are terrified, and some have even been told they've been adopted to be killed for their organs.
View Tina Traster Adoptive American Parents of Russian Children Don't Deserve The Heat 1/29/2014 Tina Traster, author of "Rescuing Julia Twice," says American Parents of Russian-adopted children don't deserve the heat they have received from Putin.
View Tina Traster Who would give up an adopted child? 1/28/2014
This wrenching story is the tale of one couple's decision to re-home their adopted Russian daughter. 
View Shelly Adams Confirmed - My Baby Girl has Down Syndrome! 1/26/2010 Experiencing firsthand what it's like to give birth to child with special needs! During my pregnancy with my only daughter, I had no idea she was going to be born with Down Syndrome and what was in store in the days ahead. I was about to be giving birth to a special needs child too early.
View Tina Traster Eastern Promises and Western Realities of Adoption 1/29/2014 Memoir writer Tina Traster brings to life other parents' stories about raising Russian-adopted children.
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