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These days, all parents want their children to be the brightest in town. They spend a lot of money on educational toys and games that are supposed to make their kids extremely clever. It seems to be such a wonderful idea to do so. In contrast, there are other parents who are concerned that their children are growing very quickly. The world is confusing - do we want our kids to enjoy their childhoods or be more intelligent at an earlier age? Even baby toys are being geared towards mind stimulation. There are baby toys that have bright colors for mind stimulation. There are baby toys that speak different languages. Shouldn't our kids learn their own primary language before having toys that speak multiple languages? Whatever happened to baby toys that allow babies to be babies? It has been found that the best toys for babies are the ones that roll and rattle and emit sounds when squeezed, because they help them understand how things move and make noises; in addition such toys hold their attention for hours on end and make them giggle and be happy. When my daughter was little, I was more focused on making sure that my daughter enjoyed being a child. I only got her toys in bright colors, that made nice sounds, were cute and that were cuddly. I wasn't showing her flashcards at the age of six months old and teaching her how to add and subtract. Instead, I would roll around on the carpet with her helping her understand colors, sounds, shapes and animal figures. I found that my selection of her baby toys helped her no end in enjoying her childhood. One of my better purchases for my daughter was not even a toy; it was a video. She loved the Baby Einstein videos. The colors and the music held her attention for the duration of the video. I am certain that she was learning and that her brain was being motivated without any harm to her. You really can't go wrong with purchasing baby toys. Perhaps the toys require your infant to be lying on their stomach for some "tummy time" and strengthening their muscles, which is something that all babies need. Or, perhaps you're more focused on having your child learn colors and sounds. No matter what toy your infant or toddler is using on a daily basis, their minds are being motivated. It is my considered opinion that we should not waste our time and efforts in making a genius of our infant. We need to be focusing on raising healthy, happy and intelligent children. There isn't a need to be pushing for anything more than that.
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