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View Roberto Bell Stop Nail Biting 7/5/2008 Nail biting can be unattractive, annoying, and can damage their teeth. Parents all over the world worry about their child's bad habits and are trying to convince their child not to do this anymore. Also, parents often punish their children for biting their nails. There are more effective ways to help your child stop biting his nails.
View Dan Morton Fatherhood - Are Fathers Still Needed Today? 5/18/2009 Is the concept of fatherhood important, and do fathers have a natural "feel" for fathering, similar to the instinctual qualities of mothers ? And, are fathers still needed to help in the making of a successful adult?
View Mark Fagan How to Stop Your Child's Nail Biting 6/3/2010 Nail biting is a common habit with children however it should be stopped as soon as possible before it is too late.
View lucianomikeycosta Parenting After a Divorce 9/1/2009 Learn the proper divorce parenting practices to help you get through this difficult situation. Learn how it effects your toddlers the most.
View Rokai Kolam Preventing Animal Abuse by Teaching Children to Care for Pets 2/8/2009 It’s sad to say that animal abuse is a growing problem in the United States. One recent article said that in the economic downturn, more and more pets were being abandoned, and other statistics show that in times of economic stress, abuse of all kinds-pets, children, spouses, and elders-increases measurably.
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