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View Harriet White McCarthy Artificial Twinning 2/14/2006 "Artificial Twinning" is a term used in domestic adoptions to describe the process of adopting two children at the same time who are less that nine months apart in age and biologically unrelated. Most domestic adoption and social welfare agencies prohibit the practice because it is so stressful to adopting parents and counter productive for the children. The only way to complete the adoption of "artificial twins" successfully is to work without official approval.
View George Rogu M.D. Syphilis at birth in the Internationally adopted child 11/9/2005 "My referral's medical info states that the child tested positive for syphilis at birth? What further questions should I ask - can I still consider this referral?"
View Alla Gordina, MD, FAAP Post-adoption Vaccinations 12/15/2005 "We returned with our daughter in late July and our pediatrician has told us to get all her immunization and shots redone because he doesn't trust the Russian records. I guess it's the safe thing to do, although that means 2 needles for the next month for five months. Has anyone else encountered this?"
View Doctor PharmD Are Latino teens sexual risk takers? It's complicated, researcher says 4/14/2010 "When a recent documentary about U.S. Latinos featured two teen mothers in a 90-minute program, the Latino students in my classes thought it was an unbalanced portrayal of their community?and they were right!" said Marcela Raffaelli, a U of I professor of human and community development and co-author of a recently published chapter on Latino teen sexuality.
View Tina Traster Who would give up an adopted child? 1/28/2014
This wrenching story is the tale of one couple's decision to re-home their adopted Russian daughter. 
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