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Being There For Your Family 
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In today's fast paced life most families do not get quality time together. Almost the whole day goes into work, school, church, and other activities. Members of the family rarely get an opportunity to interact with one another. However, this can be rectified if you restructure your life. Just spending time together is not enough. You need to spend quality time together. You should talk and discuss events, issues, and activities that affect your lives as a family. This will bring you closer and have healthier relationships. As parents you need to spend quality time with your children to know more about what is going on in their lives and foresee the problems and find solutions for them. It is wise to draft a schedule of events for everyone. These schedules include parents as well. Make it visible for everyone. This comprehensive schedule should include children's sports activities, homework, get-togethers and any event involving the family. If you feel that your children are over occupied with sports activities then make a point in cutting the number of activities. Restrict your child's activity to only one or two per season. It has been seen that children perform well if they are not made to juggle between school and home activities. Make it a habit to eat dinner together as a family at least a couple of times a week. This traditional way of spending quality time together has fallen aside, as busy lives has taken over the family meal. While eating as a family, turn off the television or any other distractions and focus on each other. Be flexible with your dinner schedule in order to accommodate all family members. Arrange a free day and night once in a week to be called as family day. And make sure that during that period there are no distractions, neighbors and not even friends. Make a point to visit the zoo, leisure park or even a museum. Still spending the time at home and playing games is the best-suited option. Never forget that family time is only for family and not just about events or picnics. The single factor that has been a constant distraction for families is the television. It takes away all the attention and sometimes leads to ugly scenes over differing choices among family members. Try to involve the whole family to watch programs that will entertain all of them or rent movies for all ages, so no one feels left out. The majority of a family’s time is spent in the car. Use this time to talk to your children about their day and any problems they may be facing. Many families waste this precious time instead of utilizing it to their fullest. Include all family members in each other’s activities. For example, if one child plays a sport, bring the whole family to the game. If another child excels in music, encourage the entire family to attend a concert. Ensuring the entire family is present will not only provide a support system and cheering section, but it will also encourage togetherness. 
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