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View tati2 Why do schools offer summer camp for kids? 1/19/2008 Making a wise chose for your child’s summer camp is extremely important, since it can make a tremendous impact on your child’s life. Therefore, you need to conduct thorough research, and find important things about the camp.
View Rob Parker Helping your Child Deal with the Death of a Loved One 3/28/2008 Losing a loved one is hard for anyone, but if your a child it hits even harder
View D Howard Is Santa Real? What to Tell the Kids 5/23/2009 I learned the truth about Santa Claus from my older brother. I was skeptical at first, so we sneaked out to my grandparents' trailer and he showed me all the gifts we had asked Santa to bring. He was telling the truth! My brother had somehow stumbled upon an amazing secret.
View CHS Limited Kids brush teeths more often with special bathroom accessories designed for them! 11/25/2008 To show how easy you can take the attention of your child to brush teeth by small bathroom accessories ant other tips
View sophieanne1213 The Adopted Child 2/16/2010 Many consider that children, at an early stage, should be told that they are adopted. Studies have shown that by the age of three (3), a child is old enough to understand the story behind his or her adoption. When telling the story behind the adoption, it is important not to criticize the child's birth mother. The child's self-esteem is being built up when they are told that his or her birth mother is a good person and is capable of loving.
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