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Fun Math Games For Children 
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Math games are ideal for school and home. By introducing a few fun math games into the classroom or homework program, you can change ‘I HATE math!’ into ‘I LOVE math!’. Most importantly, kids don’t even think they are doing math when it’s this much fun. Just ensure that kids are challenged. Included below are a few fun math games for children for use at home or at school. These are games that practice number skills.

Higher or Lower

This is a fantastic math game for practicing ordering of numbers. You can work with numbers that have 2 digits, 3 digits or more. First select the upper and lower number limits, e.g. between 10 and 100. One player chooses a number and writes it on a piece of paper. The other player/s guesses what they think the number might be. For every guess the first player tells if the chosen number is higher or lower. Continue to play until a player guesses the number.

Find It First

Use this fun math game to practice basic multiplication tables (or addition, subtraction or division also). Simply write the answers to tables you are going to practice, randomly over the board or paper, e.g. to practice 8 times tables write - 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 etc. To make the game a bit more challenging, you can add a few other numbers. Two children stand or sit either side to the numbers and a multiplication table is given, e.g. 7 multiplied by 8. Children compete to be the first to point to the answer. The first point to the answer, scores one point and the first to gain three points becomes the winner. This game works well as a whole class game with students representing their team or you can have a tournament to find who the class champion is with each child having a turn.

Largest Number

This is one of my favorites. It is an easy, fun math game that always engages children. Each person rolls the dice. Use -3 dice for children to practice 3 digit numbers -4 dice for children to practice 4 digit numbers -5 dice for children to practice 5 digit numbers -6 dice for children to practice 6 digit numbers Each person rolls the dice and records the numbers that are shown, e.g. 3 4 1 6. The players then arrange the digits to make the largest possible number that they can, e.g. 6431. The player with the highest number scores 1 point.

Twenty Questions Number Game

There is no equipment needed for this kids' math game. Firstly select a number within the range to be played, e.g. 1- 20, 1-100, 100-1000. The number is written on paper but not shown to the other players. The other players then ask questions to help them to discover the number. Only yes/no questions can be used. Encourage children to ask general questions to begin with, e.g. Is it even? Is it higher than 50? Instead of guessing the number, e.g. Is it 38? Playing games in math offers so much more than just a bit of fun.

These games also help to develop a deep understanding of mathematics concepts and a confident attitude towards a sometimes unpopular subject. You may even be surprised when hear, ‘Gee that was fun! Can we do it again?’

Teresa Evans is a teacher and parent who uses fun math games to get kids excited about math. To receive your own seven part math games collection visit Making Math More Fun
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